Welcome to the Spotswood Family Descendants website.  It is our mission to share the remarkable history of Lt. Gov. Alexander Spotswood and his wife, Butler Brayne, with you.  Our membership primarily includes descendants of this couple or descent from the Scottish Archbishop of St. Andrews, John Spottiswoode.

Our Spotswood family meets in Virginia for a Heritage Weekend each year.  We visit sites related to Gov. Alexander Spotswood, and we share our lines of descent through charts, documents, and photos.  We are constantly learning of new descendants and their contributions to our Virginia and national history.  Did you know that both General Robert E. Lee and Helen Keller are Spotswood descendants?

A library and museum will shortly be built in Virginia to honor Gov. Spotswood and artifacts from his home, called the “Enchanted Castle” by William Byrd.  Spotswood family heirlooms, portraits, and historical information will be deposited here to insure their safekeeping in a museum quality setting.

If you are interested in membership in the society, the process for membership is outlined on this website.   If eligible, we cordially invite you to apply. We would welcome an opportunity to answer any questions you may have.  You are also invited to attend our Heritage Weekend as a guest to meet your cousins and learn more about your ancestry.

A list of Qualifying Ancestors is available on this website.  If you can document your legal blood descent from one of these ancestors, the membership process will be much shorter and simpler!

We do look forward to hearing from you!

                                                                                    Dale Payne Sayers 

                                                                                     President General  

                                                                                     Spotswood Family Descendants